Praise for Baker Street Irregular


  • Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award.
  • Winner in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 2023 – Honorable Mention in two categories – Historical Fiction and Military.
  • Shortlisted for the 2022 Chanticleer International Book Awards.
  • Longlisted for The Historical Fiction Company 2022 Book of the Year Awards.

Reviews in the press, and selected customers’ reviews:

Literary Titan Review
Readers Favorite Review
Five Stars
'Meticulously researched, this puts you right in the thick of the action in and following WW2. Good, believable characters and tense situations. Excellent spy thriller!'
- Angus Rorison - Author of 'The Sven Kingdoms' book series
'The atmosphere created is wonderfully evocative and it captured the atmosphere of Berlin wonderfully ... the author also has a wonderful turn of phrase, and I found myself laughing out loud a couple of times. It is no mean feat to achieve that without breaking the tension and period setting. ... If, like me, you’re not a regular reader of noir and spy thrillers, you’ll find this an excellent introduction to the genre, and it will leave you wanting more, including another book from Fisher.'
- Kit Derrick - Author of 'Man in the Bath' and 'The Raven Sound'
Five Stars
' I couldn’t put this down... If you only read one book set in this time period this year make sure this is it. I believe Mr. Fisher may just very well be this generations le Carre.'
- Tales From the Book Dragon (Book Blogger)
'Exciting, intriguing, well-paced thriller full of twists and turns ... Brilliant.'​
- M.J. Webb - Author of 'A Child of Szabo'
Five Stars
'A dark story about a dark period of time. Well developed characters and a descriptive setting made this story very enjoyable if in a depressing sort of way (but fitting for the time and place). I would definitely read more from this writer.'
- Susan (on Goodreads)
Five Stars
'Great characters, lots of twists and turns. Great reading from the beginning. These are difficult, turbulent times following WW2 ... Well written, well researched and sensitively covered. Recommended.'
- Janet (on Goodreads)
Five Stars
'The despair, corruption and hypocrisy of the period ooze from the pages of the book as the hero tries to weave a righteous path in a world filled with turmoil. ... By the end I came away with the feeling that though he had managed to achieve some sort of success it was at a terrible price.'
- Brian (on Goodreads)
Five Stars
'Great read, must have taken a lot of research into wartorn Europe cannot wait for Craig's next novel.'
- Nick (on Readers' Favorite)
Five Stars
'I really enjoyed this book... I am genuinely hoping for more from this exciting new author.'
- Andy (on Amazon)
Five Stars
'It is Craig's detailed underlying research that gives this book both credibility and readability. It was compelling from start to finish'
- John (on Goodreads)
'A fast-moving, detailed story ... full of twists and turns. It's a page turner, and no mistake. Heartily recommended.'
- Martin (on Goodreads)
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